Faster Video Playback

If you start using a faster video playback modus when watching video's or audio then you can gain lots of time.

For example: If you watch a 2 hour seminar at 2x speed, then you can finish it in 1 hour. Which means you have an hour of extra time to spend on other projects.

Some people can go to 4x speed, but most are comfortable at 2x speed. It will feel a bit weird in the beginning. But your brain will quickly adjust itself and you'll be able to understand everything at these faster rates.

There are two methods of watching videos: Offline and Online. Offline means with videoplayer (ex: Windows media player, quicktime...) and online means when your surfing. (ex: Youtube) Their are options available for both methods of viewing.

Local video's and audio

VLC is a free video and audio player that plays virtually anything. It's my favourite videoplayer because of this and it's very easy to use.

It has an option to speed up and slow down your playback speed.

The image below shows where you can locate this feature.

Faster - This will greatly increase the playback speed.

Faster (fine) - This will slightly increase the playback speed.

Normal Speed - This will reset it to it's normal speed. (1.00)

Slower (fine) - This will slightly lower the playback speed.

Slower - This will greatly lower the playback speed.

You can view the current speed in the bottom-right corner. The 2 images below illustrate this. In the left image, the playback speed is 1.00x and this is its normal speed. In the right image, the playback speed is 2.10x and this is more than double the speed of the original speed.

Online video's and audio

When you watch videos online, chances are that you're watching on Youtube. You can't control the playback speed of Youtube videos at this moment. After some research, it seemed that there has been some playback speed controls in the past, but they seem to be missing now.

What you can do offcourse is download the Youtube video you want with KeepVid and open the downloaded video with VLC.

I would explain the process in detail, but this guy already did an excellent job at it.

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