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Welcome to fluent-time-management.com, a website about managing your time. The purpose of this website is to display information about managing time, motivation, self-confidence... I hope you learn a lot from the materials provided here and improve your life with the techniques and skills I write about.

My motto: You are responsible for your life! What are you going to do next? It means you are responsible for the way you react to everything that happens in your life. It means you can choose your reaction. What's your choice?

Why Time Management?

I think that learning to manage your time is learning how to improve the quality of your life. It can improve ALL the other areas of your life. Each day practicing time management means progress. You will notice incremental gains in your effectiveness. The initial gains will be very small, only noticable by yourself. However, if you persist long enough, the gains will become so big that you outperform the masses with ease. Eventually, you will be able to achieve any goal that you can think of.

Just a few moments reading this site will assist you to:

  • Achieve more with less.
  • Spend more time on leisure activities.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • ...

Where Do You Start?

If you are a procrastinator, I suggest you start by overcoming your procrastination habit. Managing your time won't help if you delay tasks and waste your time.

Learn the basic skills here. Practicing and using the fundamentals is the first step to learn how to use your time in a more efficient way.

These time management tips & tricks focus on a quick fix action that can quickly improve your time usage in a specific way. If you want to get long term benefits from these quick fixes, you'll need to back them up with basics.

If you don't find what you're looking for, then consult the sitemap. It contains a clear overview of all the pages on this website.

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Demian Kasier
Author of fluent-time-management.com